5 Tips For Preventing Vandalism Of Your Sign

If you are a business owner, it can be devastating to go to your place of business in the morning or get a call in the middle of the night to learn that your storefront has been vandalized. Besides being disheartening and bad for business, vandalism can be expensive to repair, especially if it includes damage to a specialty sign such as an illuminated sign or a monument sign. Below are five tips that you can follow to prevent vandalism to your store signs. Read More 

Adding Your Business Name to an Awning: Tips for Success

An awning helps to shade the entryway of your business, and it provides a bit of rain cover for your customers. However, those are not the only functions of an awning—you can also use it to hold your company's name and logo. To guide you through this process, here are several tips: 1. Consider the size of letters you need when choosing the shape of your awning. There are many different shapes of awnings, and when choosing your awning, you need to consider the shape that works the best with your building, but you also have to consider which type of awning offers the space you need for your letters. Read More 

Get On TV With These 5 Effective Pro Football Banner Designs

Attending a live football game often means that you have a chance to see yourself on TV along with thousands of other football fans. Along with dressing up in the crowd, another way to try and get a quick shot on TV is with a sign. If you're attending the game with some friends, you can bring a large banner that has a chance of being seen on TV. By using the following five design tips, you can help your banner stand out for the television cameras. Read More