Get On TV With These 5 Effective Pro Football Banner Designs

Attending a live football game often means that you have a chance to see yourself on TV along with thousands of other football fans. Along with dressing up in the crowd, another way to try and get a quick shot on TV is with a sign. If you're attending the game with some friends, you can bring a large banner that has a chance of being seen on TV. By using the following five design tips, you can help your banner stand out for the television cameras.

Football Fonts

Choose a font that will stand out for your banner and encompass the football theme.

  • Sports World: Bold and easy to ready, the Sports World font features letters and numbers inspired by a football jersey. This makes the text easy to read and can naturally draw in a football crowd.
  • Varsity: This font is surrounded by a white edge, helping each letter stand out as you type. It makes it easy to write out team names, player names, and other football phrases.

Banner Materials

The way you print the banner can have a big impact on camera visibility and portability. You want to choose a material that can easily roll up and be transported to the stadium. Vinyl is a good example of this. It is extremely flexible, but durable enough to keep the original print intact while remaining rolled up.

Instead of having a glossy finish on your printed banner, you should request a matte finish. A matte finish does not have a glare or shiny edge to it. This will allow TV cameras to easily see the sign from any angle. Whether it's an indoor or outdoor stadium, a matte finish can be seen though many types of lights. Your whole banner can be easily seen and have a better chance of debuting on TV.

Television Schedule

As you design your banner, it's a good idea to study the television schedule of the game you're attending. By knowing the network that it airs on, you incorporate multiple factors into your design. For example, if the game is on NBC, then you can use the peacock logo on the sign. This might help draw attention to the sign from cameramen throughout the stadium.

Another factor that you can look up are the TV announcers. Shouting out or referencing the announcers on your banner is another way to help draw attention. This can really help your banner get seen before and after commercials, or during down times like an injury.

Background Designs

The background color you select for your sign should be solid and clean. This makes the text easy to read and will help your sign capture the attention of a camera crew. The best method for choosing the sign background is sticking with team colors.

Select one of the key colors from the team as the banner background. The alternate team color may be the better option because the crowd will likely be full of the standard color. For example, the New York Giants primary color is blue. If you choose a red background for the banner, then it will stand out among the blue and still properly represent the New York Giants.

Football and Other Symbols

Compliment the text of your banner with some football symbols and images. Free football clip art offers a variety of designs, including footballs, field goals, and general player designs.

You should also consider the upcoming holidays that the games are played around. TV crews often focus on these different themes for crowd shots. If you're attending a game around Halloween, then you could include a jack-o-lantern or Halloween monster on the sign. For example, you could have an image of Frankenstein carrying a football on the banner.

The same design elements can apply around Christmas. This includes putting a Santa Claus beard on popular football players for a fun design.

As you plan the banner, watch NFL games to see what ones get featured on TV. When using a DVR, it's easy to pause and study sign designs that get featured.