3 Reasons To Add Signage To Your Office Waiting Area

Do you have signs inside your lobby or waiting area? If not, you could be missing out on vital communication between you and your clients. Why? Here are three reasons to add professional signage to this important, but often overlooked, area.  

1. Welcome Guests

The waiting room or lobby is often the first impression a client, patient, or customer has of your office. So it should give a sense of welcome and reassurance.

This is especially important if your business is in a large office building or park. Have you ever walked into an office for the first time and wondered if you were even in the right place? Don't leave your clients hanging or unsure. Let them know that they've found you and that they are welcome. While that doesn't necessarily have to include a literal welcome message, it should convey the vibe you want from your business. 

2. Give Directions

Lobbies are just the entry and exit points for customers' experiences in your business. Where will they go next? What locations will they be looking for? Where should they sign in or out? Can they get coffee or use the free wifi? What legal notices do you need to post?

Invariably, directional and instructional signs will go up out of necessity. Should they be haphazard, handwritten notes pasted on walls and tables? Or should you start with well-crafted, professional signs which give the right amount of information? The answer is clear. And as your lobby needs change or grow, keep alert to new opportunities to replace clutter with proper signage to keep up its appearance. 

3. Build Branding

Finally, this is a place to reinforce and develop your branding. Waiting customers will be staring at your signage all around them, so well-placed brand elements will stick in their minds more easily. You can also combine simple logos and company names with symbols, color schemes, and mottos or catchphrases to create a cohesive, organic branded area. These will be the first and/or last impressions people have. Use it. 

Where Can You Start?

What types of signs should you include to meet all three of these objectives? Find out by meeting with a sign company in your local area, such as Sign-Frame. With their expertise, your understanding of customers, and your goals in mind, you'll soon have the ideal signs to adorn your lobby area. Make an appointment today to get started.