Keys To Customizing Backlit Booth Displays For Trade Shows

If your company is traveling to a trade show to show off some products, your booths must look spectacular. They can if you utilize custom backlit exhibit booth displays, which light up and make it easy to draw people in. Just make sure you approach customization in the following ways.

Start Out With a General Concept

Before you get lost in the details of customizing a backlit trade show display, first try to focus on a general concept. What theme are you going with for this booth? Maybe the products you're promoting can give you direction in this regard or you can work with a trade show booth display manufacturer.

Just make sure this general concept makes sense for what you're selling and the image you want for your company. Then you can build around this concept and choose the appropriate elements that bring everything together in a cohesive manner. 

Make Sure Lighting is Bright Enough

The main highlight of these booth displays is their backlit design. It brings light forward and thus makes elements on these displays look more dynamic. That being said, you need to make sure the lighting source you use is bright enough to really make these displays stand out.

This is something you'll want to discuss with a custom backlit booth display manufacturer. See what lighting options they can use as backlighting and then view different examples in person. Then it will be easier to choose lighting effects that are bright and unique.

Verify Pop-Up Frames Are Durable

A lot of custom backlit booth displays feature pop-up framing to make these booths easy to set up within a couple of minutes. If you plan on going with the same type of frames, make sure they're durable. Then you won't have to worry about the displays collapsing at any point during the trade show.

Try to get pop-up frames that are extremely durable, such as frames made out of steel. Then they're not going to have any give or make the backlit booth displays less structurally stable. Also, make sure the pop-up frames fold out correctly so that you don't have structural issues to address later.

If you want a more successful time promoting products at a trade show, you can use custom backlit exhibit booth displays. You just need to refine major aspects of these booths, such as their overall design, size, and framing materials.