Important Design Details for a Selfie Station Sign

If you've attended an event that featured a selfie station and thought it was a fun idea, you may wish to have this type of station at an event that you're organizing. Selfie stations can be good additions to all sorts of events, from festive occasions such as weddings to business grand openings. Reach out to some local custom sign companies to find one that has experience designing and printing selfie station signs, as they'll be able to give you some suggestions on what will work well. While you'll have lots of flexibility about how your sign should look, it's ideal for it to feature these design details. 


While some people will likely understand what to do when they see a selfie station sign, others may need a little encouragement. It's ideal for your custom sign to include a few instructions that people can follow. Try to make the wording of these instructions feel cheerful and helpful. For example, the sign could read something such as, "Grab some friends, strike a pose and snap some selfies" or something comparable. If you have photo props available, the sign can also encourage people to use a prop or two. Such wording can feel exciting for people, who will then ideally take some selfies in front of the sign.

Personalized Details

In order to make your selfie station sign relevant to your event, it's ideal to have the design feature several personalized details. Doing so will add value because when people look at their selfies years from now, they'll see the personalized details on the selfie station sign and be able to easily recall the event. For example, if you're hosting an event such as a bridal shower, you'll want the name of the bride, the date and venue of the event, and perhaps some graphic elements such as champagne glasses or flowers. The sign should also feature a hashtag that you've chosen for the event so that people can use it when they share their images on social media.

Signature Space

People sometimes design signs on which people can leave their signatures, and it can often be a good idea to combine the idea of this sign with your selfie station sign. There are lots of ways to design this type of sign to include a large, open space to which people can add their names. If you take this route, you'll want to include some appropriate wording above the blank space so that people know to write their names.

Get in touch with a sign company to discuss plans for this type of signage.