Why Your Business Needs Custom LED Signs

Installing business signs is an excellent way of marketing your business. While traditional signage, such as banners, may be effective, you should consider custom LED signs. You can include any information you need on LED signs, including product offers, discounts, company vision, logo, and new products. Here is why your business requires custom LED signs.


Custom LED signage allows you to display moving text, animations, graphics, and even video. Hence, you can create content that's appealing to your target audience. For instance, animations may work better for advertising kid's products than text. LED signs usually come in different styles, including:

  • Outdoor and indoor signs. Outdoor signs are larger than indoor signs and can be seen from a long distance. Also, the signs are usually waterproof and heat-resistant, which makes them durable for the outdoors. In contrast, indoor signs are smaller and usually installed on windows and walls.
  • Monochrome signs. These signs display one color, usually amber or yellow.
  • Tricolor signs. The signs display three main colors which are typically green, yellow, and red.
  • Full-color signs. These signs have a high-definition display of content, including images and full-motion videos.
  • Double-sided signs. The signs display content on both sides. You can include the same content on both sides or have different content for each side.

These types of custom LED signs enable you to maximize your display, and you can choose an option that best suits your marketing strategy.


Unlike neon signs, custom LED signs don't have glass tubes. In return, the signs are thinner, which means easy installation as you can easily lift the signs on the display mountings. That means lower installation costs.

Besides, LED signs are easy to maintain, resulting in low maintenance costs. For instance, the bulbs don't contain toxic gases that may leak, resulting in detailed hazmat clean-up. Also, gas leakage results in dimming, which calls for replacement services. LED bulbs are durable and cut down on replacement costs significantly.

Energy Efficiency

Custom LED signs are cool compared to fluorescent and neon bulbs. Hence, they consume less energy, lowering your business expenditure. Thus, you can leave them on for many hours, and they won't unreasonably spike your energy bills.


Custom LED signs are visible both day and night. Therefore, you can bring about awareness about your brand at all times. This increases your exposure to potential customers, which potentially results in increased business growth.

Custom LED signs are versatile, energy-saving, money-saving, and offer high visibility. Consider custom LED signs for these reasons.