Ornamental Signage For A Private Community

U-channel sign posts are the ones typically seen along city streets and are used to display stop, yield, and pedestrian crossing signage. The bent metal that forms a curve that resembles the letter U does little to beautify signage and is merely used as a support material. Your private mobile home park can be embellished with the use of ornamental signage. Unlike standard street signs, ornamental signage will showcase a distinct color scheme or decorative material and each display will tie into all of the other components you set up.

Choose Where Signage Will Go 

Showcasing the name of your community and creating unique names to identify private streets that comprise the neighborhood are two ways to make your residents and guests feel welcome and will allow both pedestrians and motorists to navigate their way through the park.

A sandwich board or marquee-style sign can be used to list activities that are going to be held within the community's recreational center and hanging signs can be suspended over doorways that lead to restrooms, a refreshment area, and any other common areas that your residents will have access to.

Pick Materials

When people are presented with various sign materials that are different shapes and colors or that feature vastly different base or pole materials, they may become confused or assume that a sign is meant for a reason other than what it is intended for. A consistent layout that includes similar materials and colors will keep the display pieces organized.

Wood is a popular material that will integrate well with natural features that are on the land. Pair wooden poles or brackets with aluminum blade signs that are forest green and contain lettering on each side. Iron is a durable material that can be used for scrollwork, finials, bases, or other accent pieces that will be used to accentuate signage.

Choose signage that will be at eye level while people are entering the premises and consider the typical weather for the region. Some materials may be better suited for year-round use than others. Any materials that are not durable or that should be kept out of direct sunlight can maybe be treated with a sealant, which will preserve the paint and other materials that are delicate.

Shop for signage products that can be screwed or snapped together and avoid investing in large, heavy materials that have been welded together. Signage that can be attached and taken apart by hand will be easier to handle than bulky signs.

Contact an ornamental sign maker to learn more about your options.