4 Ways to Get the Most from Custom Signs

Deploying custom signage is an excellent way to sell products and services or to spread a message. When you shell out money for custom signs, though, you want to know that you're going to get some bang for your buck. Here are four ways you can get the most out of customizing your signage.

1. Standard Signs with a Twist

Most locations have standard signs that are required for communicating with the public or employees. These are the usual suspects, such as open and closed signs, ones with direction arrows, menu signs with writeable boards, and so forth.

Lots of operations get by with purchasing simple and cheap versions of these signs. Producing custom signs with your branding on them, though, can take them to the next level. Folks will notice these custom signs more and associate them with your business. Don't be afraid to play with simple, on-brand twists, too. For example, a woodsy-looking open sign at a craft shop can set the theme for the store from the moment customers enter.

2. Using a Spot Color

It's easy to think that blasting folks with imagery will create visual interest. A simple design with one spot of strong color, such as a bright red, can draw the eye in more, however. These designs tend to be fairly simple, and they'll usually be brand-centric, featuring not much more than a logo, a slug, and some contact info.

3. Lighting

Designing your custom signage with lighting in mind can be a difference-maker. There are plenty of ways to light signs, including using lights inside or outside of the sign. Lighting can be placed on the edges of the sign, and there are even styles that incorporate the lighting with the lettering. Don't be afraid to discuss your ideas in detail with the folks at the custom signs shop.

4. Odd Shapes

It's oftentimes a great idea to draw a picture that's simple enough for people to connect your signs with your brand. A sign shaped like a boot, for example, is just a more interesting way to sell boots to folks. The same goes for custom signage in the shape of a pig for a butcher's shop. Maybe a business with a strong Texas theme might go with a lone start or an outline of the state. In the most literal sense, it never hurt to think outside the box and to not be such a square.

Contact custom sign services to learn more about how you can stand out with your signage.