What Is The Process Of Getting A Custom Headstone Monument For A Loved One?

Headstone monuments are often placed at gravesites to make it easier for families of the deceased to find their loved one's grave. Aside from sticking out at the cemetery to make it easier to find the grave, many people will invest in headstone monuments because they want to represent the person who passed, and they will use the headstone to memorialize that person. If someone close to you has passed, you will need to decide on a specific headstone monument to have placed at the grave. It is not a decision to take lightly because the headstone is permanently placed at the grave and will be there each time you come to visit the cemetery for your loved one.

Select the Shape and Size of the Headstone

While you do need to decide what to put on the headstone, the first decisions made need to be about the size and shape of the headstone. Larger headstones tend to cost a bit more, so that is the kind of thing you need to keep in mind, especially if you have a limited budget. Some of the different shapes of the headstones include square, half-round top, and gothic shapes. It is best to look at photos of the different shapes before selecting one from the dozens of options. After selecting the shape of the headstone, you may select the size that you prefer, and then determine if you are going to have a flat headstone that gets put on the ground or a raised headstone that stands upright in the cemetery.

Go Over Material Options With the Designers

The designers that create beautiful headstone monuments tend to have various material options for people to have customized. The most common materials used to create headstones include granite and marble because of their natural beauty and durability. Both of these materials come in a lot of different colors, too. The colors vary from shades of red to gray, brown, and even black. While it does depend on your budget and what you believe is best to have at the gravesite of your deceased loved one, you may want to select a material and color that will stand out even more in the cemetery. 

Complete the Final Details

After making major decisions on the style of the headstone, you can consult with the designers about any final details that are important to you, including the name of your deceased loved one and anything else that you would like to have etched onto the headstone. Think of it as a blank canvas that you can cover with beautiful engravings that represent your loved one.

Headstone monuments are commonly placed at gravesites. These monuments represent the deceased after they have passed. If you need to purchase one for someone in your life who has passed, you will need to consult with headstone designers on the shape, color, style, and final details that you want added to the headstone.