Designing An Effective New Sign For Your Business

Signage plays a critical role when it comes to advertising your business. Consumers use signs to help identify brands and find the location of a retail outlet. Designing an effective sign can be a simple way to increase the success of your company over time.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your new signs capture the attention of consumers in the future:

1. Keep it simple.

Signs are much larger in scale than any other type of advertising materials you may create. Because you have more room on a sign than you do on a business card or flyer, it can be tempting to fill the empty space with a lot of design elements.

You must remember that although your sign is large, it will likely be read from a distance by consumers who only have time to glance at the imagery as they walk or drive by. Keeping your design simple allows consumers to easily interpret your marketing message, making your signage more effective as an advertising tool in the future.

2. Stand out in a positive way.

It's important that you take the environment in which your sign will be displayed into consideration as you engage in the design process. If your sign is near other signs advertising companies in the area, you want your sign to stand out in a positive way.

Ensure that you use a color scheme that complements surrounding signage, but stands apart rather than blends into these other advertising materials. Consumers will be drawn to the differences in your sign, but its design will not be jarring when viewed in panorama with other signs.

3. Use bold colors.

Color can be one of your most useful tools when designing a new sign. Using bold colors that will draw the eye of anyone passing by will help to ensure that your signs get read by potential customers.

Be sure that you are using colors which are consistent with your brand's identity, and avoid pastels or colors that aren't fully saturated and may fade easily over time.

Designing a new sign can be exciting, but you want to ensure that your sign's design will provide you with a return on your investment. As you create new imagery for your sign remember to keep the layout simple, take other signs nearby into consideration so that your design won't clash, and use bold colors to help your sign look vibrant and appealing.

Contact a sign manufacturer for more information and assistance.