Winter Care Tips For Your Vinyl Banners

Winter is coming, which means you want to make sure your outdoor vinyl banners are ready to withstand the weather and still grab your customers' attention. The following tips can help you keep your signage investment in good shape so you can continue to use them for multiple seasons.

Tip #1: Prepare for winter wind

Winter wind can quickly destroy your vinyl banners. Make sure the banners that you order are pre-equipped with ventilation slits. These slits will allow the wind to blow through without pulling too much on the banner. Also, order banners with reinforced grommet holes. The reinforcement will ensure the tie down holes don't get ripped out during winter weather. Cold can make vinyl brittle, so it's especially important to invest in a thicker vinyl and reinforced holes if you plan to leave it hanging in the cold months.

Tip #2: Hang high and avoid damage

One common display method is to hang a banner on ground-based stakes that are placed low. The problem in winter is that your banner may get buried under snow due to drifting or plowing, and it's more likely to get coated in greasy dirty snow from passing traffic. Another issue with a low installation is that ice melt products can get on the vinyl and damage it.

Instead, hang the banner high. Consider hanging it on the side of your building instead of free-standing on the grass verge near your business. If you must leave it on the verge, invest in sturdy fence posts instead of flimsy stakes, which will allow you to hang it high enough to avoid most drifting and car splatter issues.

Tip #3: Avoid a white-out

A major issue in winter is your message being lost to the snow. Avoid this by skipping the white background or white letters on a dark background. Instead, have your banner printed with a dark background – this will absorb what little heat there is from the winter sun so the snow slides off more quickly. Then, use a bright color font over the dark background to make it more eye catching.

Tip #4: Keep up with cleaning

Cleaning can be the most difficult part of winter banner maintenance. Wait until the temperature is above freezing. If you try to handle frozen vinyl, it may crack. Wipe it down with warm water and a mild detergent, and then dry it with towels. This removes any dirt or grime so the banner stays bright and noticeable. If it becomes very dirty and temperatures remain low, you can carefully take it down and lay it out inside to warm up before cleaning.

Talk to a signs and banner provider in your area, such as those found at Davis Sign Co, for more help.